First Impressions:Savoca & Forza D’Agro, Sicily –Il Padrino

First Impressions : Savoca & Forza D’Agro, Sicily –Il Padrino

First Impressions:Savoca & Forza D’Agro, Sicily –Il Padrino
Castello degli Schiavi

They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse… A day trip just outside of Taormina placed us in the heart of what most everyone in this world thinks of when they think of Sicily. In the little villages of Savoca and Forza D’Agro we experienced the inspiration for Francis Ford Coppola’s Oscar winning films, The Godfather I, II, & III.

From the famous Bar Vitelli to the church where Michael Corleone weds his Apollonia, we hiked in the baking hot Sicilian sun. But it was worth every drop of sweat because at the end we drove to the very castle where all the famous stars worked together to create the masterpiece that is The Godfather.

The Baron Platania gave us a personal tour of Castello degli Schiavi, a truly magical place. Not only is it spectacular aesthetically speaking, the baroque palace contains vintage photos from the making of the films, the piano from the first night club in Taormina, and a volcanic stone basement that hosts paintings worthy of a museum.

At the end of the tour we even got to do our own rendition of the death of Michael Corleone.

First Impressions:Savoca & Forza D’Agro, Sicily –Il Padrino

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