The City of Sunny Isles Beach recently hosted an Aventura Marketing Council meeting featuring special guest speaker John Richard, CEO of the Adrienne Arts Center for the Performing Arts. But before the curtain goes up on Broadway in Miami hits, you can see a lot of entertaining performances already taking center stage around town…

There are many different hair salons around Sunny Isles Beach – but what they all have in common are some “Dream Girls” who would rather miss a “Rent” payment than a standing appointment.

Bumper to bumper delays can spark some “Wicked” temper tantrums – but now that snowbirds are back up north – .traffic should start moving along like “Grease” lightening!

Even Joseph would probably wish he could take a Sunny Isles Beach shuttle bus to go shopping at exclusive stores near Sunny Isles Beach – and for sure Daddy Warbucks would enroll “Annie” in musical theater camp at Pelican Community Park!

Virtually everywhere you look, there’s a brigade of baby carriages…All the moms and dads enjoying life in the city are proving that Sunny Isles Beach’s former reputation for being strictly a retirement community has faded away – just like the “Phantom of the Opera.”

This Broadway musical is about a magical nanny – but right here in Sunny Isles Beach, all the families with children have spawned a large population of au pairs quite adept at making diaper rash disappear – and some alone-time for parents miraculously re-appear!

In Sunny Isles Beach, “Q” could stand for quintessential as all avenues lead to the highest quality of life…In fact, avid fans agree you don’t have to travel all the way to the “South Pacific” to feel like you’re in paradise.

For producing proactive initiatives like building parks and striving to make every lucky Sunny Isles Beach resident feel like a “Lion King” or queen, members of the City Commission and city staff may not get a Tony Award any time soon – but a standing ovation just might suffice!

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