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IMPROVE YOUR SEX DRIVE & LOSE WEIGHT. Recently a few people in lab coats took some overweight guys in their forties and separated them into two groups. One group did about 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day and the other group did 45 minutes to an hour of exercise ...

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Emergency fund savings

Do you have money saved for an emergency? If you are like most people today, you probably have not put away funds for an emergency. Financial Planners recommend that you should have a minimum of three month’s salary saved to cover a possible emergency! Six month’s would be better. Three ...

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Sparking an educational revolution in the Grove

With the opening of Atarah Montessori Academy, in Coconut Grove, I am sparking a much needed revolution in Jewish education. Judaism has always faced challenges and threats to its very existence. There is nothing new about it. Sixty years ago, Jews fought for their physical existence. Today, we are fighting ...

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It’s just another day in mudsville

Over yonder in a little, flyspeck town known as Mudville, the nice folks all pretty much got on well and fine…or so they thought. You see, there was this smiley, friendly, little ol’ lady, and Sue Belle was her name. She had a certain way about her and befriended just ...

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