2 Seam Dream Foundation is ‘Throwing Cancer a Curve’

2 Seam Dream Foundation is 'Throwing Cancer a Curve'

Former MLB pitcher Rick Greene’s 2 Seam Dream Foundation will make a starstudded splash on Sept. 10 at Marlins Park with its inaugural South Florida event. “Throwing Cancer a Curve” will attract many professional athletes and celebrities, including Mike Lowell, Vinnie Chulk, Gus Gandarillas, Eli Marrero, Ricky Bones, Luis Alicea, ...

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The Fish House: Home for live blues and jazz


There is something profoundly permanent about the blues. One of the few original genres of music created in the United States, this truly American art form has remained largely unchanged despite countless offshoots and subgenres since its birth in the early 1900s. In its purest form, it is is a ...

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