Tuesday , 30 June 2015
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Experts agree, 2014 Stingray is best Corvette ever!
New Corvette is made of lightweight materials, including an aluminum frame, a carbon fiber hood and removable roof panel on coupes; composite fenders, doors and rear quarter panels.

Experts agree, 2014 Stingray is best Corvette ever!

Ron Beasley Automotive Editor LET'S TALK CARS

Ron Beasley
Automotive Editor

So much praise has been heaped upon the new C-7 platform Corvette Stingray that I decided to ask my friend and fellow auto writer Bob Kroupa what he thought of the car. Bob is one of the foremost authorities on Corvettes and publishes a comprehensive annual pricing guide called Vette- N-Vestments <abkroupa@aol.com>.

“I would have to agree that it is the best Corvette ever,” Kroupa told me by phone from his home in North Carolina. “It’s quite a machine and it’s truly magnificent from a styling perspective, but it’s not radically different from earlier Corvettes as it relates to a daily driver — the seats are more comfortable, there’s some improvement on the dash design. Of course, the real guts of the thing are in the performance — zero to 60 in 3.8 seconds, the amazing cornering and handling capability — and the base price of the car.”

Kroupa also noted that this latest Stingray shares only two parts with the previousgeneration Corvette, incorporating an allnew frame structure and chassis, a new powertrain and supporting technologies.

He added that the new Stingray has a perfect balance of technology, design and performance, noting that with 455 hp and 460 pound-feet of torque it is the most powerful standard Corvette model ever. It’s also the most capable standard Corvette ever, with Z51-equipped models clocking a quarter-mile in 12 seconds at 119 mph and capable of stopping from 60 mph in just 107 feet.

Other highlights include:
• An all-new 6.2-liter LT1 V-8 engine that combines advanced technologies, including direct injection, Active Fuel Management, continuously variable valve timing and an advanced combustion system that delivers more power while using less fuel (17 mpg/29 mpg) and a new sevenspeed manual transmission with Active Rev Matching that anticipates gear selections and matches engine speed.
• Lightweight materials, including an aluminum frame; carbon fiber hood and removable roof panel on coupes; composite fenders, doors and rear quarter panels, and a new aluminum frame for an optimal 50/50 weight balance.
• A sculpted exterior with advanced high-intensity discharge and light-emitting diode lighting and race-proven aerodynamics that balance low drag for efficiency and performance elements for improved stability and track capability.
• An all-new, fully electronic top on the convertible that can be lowered remotely using the key fob and operated at up to 30 mph.
• An interior with carbon fiber, aluminum trim, leather, dual eight-inch configurable driver/infotainment screens and two new seat choices with a lightweight magnesium frame for excellent support.

The MSRP on the Stingray Coupe starts at $51,995 and $56,995 for the Convertible.

Ron Beasley is the automotive editor for Miami’s Community Newspapers. He may be contacted by calling 305-662-2277, ext. 261, or by addressing email correspondence to <LetsTalkCars@aol.com>.

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