Woman 2 Woman Breast Cancer Foundation Announces Free Mammograms To Celebrate Breast Cancer Awarness Month Screenings Conducted at Broward P.E.T. Imaging Center

Jacqueline R. Gray, Founder of Woman2Woman Breast Cancer Foundation

The Woman 2 Woman Breast Cancer Foundation announces FREE MAMMOGRAMS during the month of October, 2010. Examinations will be completed at the Broward P.E.T. Imaging Center located at 4850 W Oakland Pk. Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33313. Mammograms are one of the best tools for early breast cancer detection, and may detect a lump before you or your doctor can feel it and any symptoms arise. Mammograms should be part of every woman’s preventative healthcare. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it!

According to the National Cancer Institute there will be an estimated 207,090 new cases and 39,840 deaths for women from breast cancer in the United States in 2010. Many studies have clearly shown that mammography reduces the risk of dying from breast cancer. Early detection of breast cancer by mammography may lead to a greater range of treatment options, including less-aggressive surgery. Mammography is a low-dose x-ray procedure that allows visualization of the internal structure of the breast and is in no way painful, as it only includes pressure.

According to the National Cancer Institute, women in their 40’s and older should have a mammogram every 1 to 2 years. Women who have had breast cancer or other breast problems or who have a family history of breast cancer should start getting mammograms before age 40, and/or might need to get them more often.

Mammograms can be costly but thanks to the Woman2Woman Breast Cancer Foundation, in partnership with Broward P.E.T. Imaging Center for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, women who need to be screened can do so at NO COST in October, 2010.

“Because October is breast cancer awareness month, this is the ideal month for women as well as men to educate themselves and receive the necessary breast healthcare. In support of this annual awareness Woman 2 Woman is in the forefront of providing free mammograms for the month of October. It is as easy as 1, 2, and 3, call our office to get yours free. Let October be your start to a healthier you,” Jacqueline R. Gray, Founder of Woman2Woman Breast Cancer Foundation.

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