Miami Beach

Epicure with Love

TWO DELICIOUS DINNERS UNDER 20 MINUTES Delicious food doesn’t have to take hours to prepare, nor do you have to have a culinary degree to pull it off. I have always said that if you start with fresh ingredients, use simple effective cooking techniques and layer your flavors, anyone can …

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Ready for Memorial Day Weekend


  Ready for Memorial Day Weekend   Protecting Public Safety and Residents’ Quality of Life For the past twelve years, an estimated 250,000 tourists from around the world, including visitors from South Florida, enter South Beach’s entertainment district for Memorial Day Weekend, popularly known as Urban Beach Weekend. While club …

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Dolphins and Marlins


  Most politically savvy South Floridians were slightly shocked that the bill to allow a bed tax increase to fund Dolphin Stadium improvements never made it to a vote in the Florida Legislature. Some call it the “Marlin” effect as certainly the voters in Miami-Dade County were stung by the …

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Leadership spotlight -Alex Fernandez

  Alex Fernandez is part of a new generation of leadership emerging in the Miami Beach political scene. Passionate about public service, Fernandez works in the Miami Beach Office of the Mayor & Commission as a Deputy to Commissioner Deede Weithorn. Recently he was appointed by Weithorn to serve on …

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Letter from the Chair

What is significant about the year 2000 to everyone in Miami Beach? That is the year that the City began focusing on the fact that something had to be done to improve our convention center. Since that time, the City has had multiple studies performed by experts in the convention …

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