Miami Beach

“Unpredictable Patterns of Behavior” @ The ArtCenter

Temisan Okpaku, Matrix Series

ArtCenter/South Florida’s New Trajectory Advances Via “Unpredictable Patterns of Behavior” Opening Reception Wednesday, June 5th 6:00-10:00 p.m.  —  Richard Shack Gallery: 800 Lincoln Road (Meridian Avenue) —  Project 924: located upstairs at 924 Lincoln Road (btwn Jefferson & Michigan Avenues)On View June 1-July 28   MIAMI BEACH – ArtCenter/South Florida’s new ...

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How to Manage Uterine Fibroids


Uterine fibroids are benign (non-cancerous) growths that develop in or just outside a woman’s uterus due to normal uterus muscle cells that start growing abnormally. They are the most common type of growth found in and around a woman’s pelvis. In fact, many women have uterine fibroids at some point ...

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Finding Part Time Work to Supplement Your Income

In years past it was common to work at one company for an entire career and spend the retirement years traveling, playing golf, or pursuing hobbies. Today with increasing financial demands and changes in social security laws raising the retirement age above 65, many Baby Boomers expect to work at ...

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‘Ageless Fitness’

“Fitness is a fountain of youth!” A statement proven time and again by the exceptionally fit people often seen at gyms who look at least ten years younger than their actual age. The “no excuses” truth is, it’s possible to start exercising at any age – and long-term studies show ...

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Cool Jobs for Seniors

More and more seniors are entering or re-entering the work force these days and for a variety of reasons ranging from financial need to just plain wanting to get out of the house. We’ve all seen the ads with octogenarians waiting on counter at the local fast food restaurant or ...

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