Tuesday , 31 March 2015
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ECOMB launches a ‘What and Where to Recycle in Miami Beach’


Ever wondered where to take your recyclables in your community? The Environmental Coalition of Miami & the Beaches (ECOMB) has found the solution. ECOMB, one of Miami-Dade County’s leading non-profits promoting sustainability, has developed and launched a one of a kind, online Recycling Resource Guide. This exciting, new Resource Database will help increase recycling rates in our community in order to preserve our needed resources. Not only is it convenient and accessible, but also the guide provides extensive information on what items are considered recyclables, as well as locations of nearby recycling centers and businesses. Separated by specific material, the guide is simple and easy to use, and it will be updated regularly. It includes a diverse range of recyclable items, including: batteries, motor oil, yard waste, demolition material, appliances, electronic waste, and much more.


Recycling is vital to preserving our environment and keeping our resources plentiful. However, most of Miami Beach’s recycables, like in many communities around the nation, end up in landfills because residents are unaware of which materials are recycable and of businesses that accept these recycable materials.


Visit ECOMB’s Website at http://ecomb.org/programs/recycling-program/


For press interviews please contact:

ECOMB’s Executive Director:

Luiz Rodrigues


Email: luiz@ecomb.org

ECOMB’s Program Director:

Maura Reilly

Email: maura@ecomb.org



ECOMB is dedicated to the promotion of environmental sustainability and the preservation of our community’s ecology. We are a 501 (c) (3) founded in 1994.

Educating People. Engaging our Community. Effecting Environmental Change.

To learn more about ECOMB, go to our web site at www.ecomb.org.

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