Sunday , 29 March 2015
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Robotic Removal Catches On

Robotic Removal Catches On

Robotic removal of the gallbladder today offers more precision and is less invasive than traditional surgical procedure.

As one of the most common operations, gallbladder surgery can now be performed without leaving visible scars, an advance slowly catching on, thanks to surgical robots.

The cholecystectomy is performed robotically by means of a single 2-1/2 centimeter incision in the belly button. Once healed, the incision is virtually invisible.

The laparoscopic technique is performed by making four small incisions, one in the navel itself and the other three in the abdomen.

In traditional open surgery, a single seven to ten centimeter incision is made on the right side of the abdomen, below the ribs.

While the greatest advantage is cosmetic, there are other important benefits. The company that produces the surgical robot assures that robotic surgery (known as Single-Site da Vinci Surgery) offers minimal scarring, minimal pain, low blood loss, fast recovery, short hospital stay, and high patient satisfaction.

Some procedures for gallbladder removal that begin robotically or as a laparoscopy have to be performed as open surgery due to extreme inflammation, or the presence of multiple adhesions or scars.

Although the surgeon is very skilled, specialists in this procedure emphasize that it may still be necessary to perform open surgery.

One cause of a high rate of gallstones and bilestones (colelitiasis) could be the modern diet.

Being overweight, female and having had multiple births are the most common risk factors. and are commonly referred to as the three F’s: fat, female and fertile.

Dr. Rodolfo Martínez, general and colorectal surgeon, is affiliated with Kendall Regional Medical Center. To contact Dr. Martinez, tel. 305-227-3388.

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