Saturday , 28 March 2015
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Local author shares transforming power God’s of love in new books

Author Ira R. Andrus Jr. announces the release of his new autobiographical religious books, “Voice of Love” books 1 and 2, where readers will witness how God’s love molds people to change for the better.

Andrus was a career criminal destined to spend his life in prison, die in a tuberculosis hospital, or succumb to the addictions of cigarettes, booze and drugs. He did one thing right in his life, though, by believing in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. His conversion and life, for the past 78 years, represents nothing less than a series of miracles reflecting the power of the Holy Spirit to mold a sinking ship into a vessel bearing the love capable of doing God’s will and serving his purpose. “Voice of Love” books 1 and 2 both recounts how God shaped and saved Andrus’ life and made him what he is now.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, these books are available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Andrus lives in South Florida as a retired man from the Dade County School system. He is an accomplished artist, author and speaker, proclaiming the love and power of the Lord Jesus. His goal is to encourage the church to unite in love with each other in the beauty and harmony of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the sake of those who, like himself, has struggled with the intents and purposes of Christianity. His core belief is that love is a spiritual realm that our Lord Jesus came to demonstrate, illustrate, and model—to bring the attention back to what mankind were created to be.

For more information, please contact Michelle Whitman, publicist, at (877) 727-0697 or send an email to

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