‘Gala of the Royal Horses’ coming to BankUnited Center on Apr. 27

‘Gala of the Royal Horses’ coming to BankUnited Center on Apr. 27

‘Gala of the Royal Horses’ coming to BankUnited Center on Apr. 27
The performance is dedicated to showing off the amazing beauty and maneuvers of which these horses are capable.

For the first time ever, riding Master Rene Gasser, creator and producer for “Gala of The Royal Horses,” has brought his world-renowned equestrian tour to North America and will be performing on Apr. 27 at the BankUnited Center on the campus of the University of Miami in Coral Gables.

Following in the family footsteps of seven generations, Gasser has recreated a show for this tour only previously seen at the famous riding schools in Vienna and Spain.

The Royal Horses of Europe are some of the most celebrated in history, favored for centuries by royalty, equestrian riders and bullfighters and this performance will celebrate the tradition, athleticism and grace of these revered creatures.

“The unique qualities of the Royal Horses single them out from all other breeds in the Equine world,” Gasser said. “Their physical beauty and grace, coupled with exceptional courage and nobility make them an object of admiration and a source of inspiration for horse lovers everywhere.”

Along with the magnificent stallions, Spanish flamenco dancers are featured in authentic vibrant costumes accompanied by the mellow notes of a guitar to bring the sights and sounds of Spain a heartbeat away.

In the south of Spain, the tradition of flamenco dancing is rivaled only by the tradition of breeding fine Spanish horses.
“The breeds have been featured in portraits with European royalty, used in multiple movies and are extremely popular among riders worldwide,” he said.

Gala of The Royal Horses will feature a number of performances involving the Andalusian, Friesian, Lipizzaner and Arabian breeds and the event is dedicated to showing off the amazing beauty and maneuvers these horses are capable of, including the stunning maneuvers once used on the battlefield now known as “The Airs Above The Ground.”

“We’re going to have horses dancing alongside some tremendous flamenco dancers, and I think people are really going to be excited about watching this,” Gasser said.

For the past 10 years Gasser had been touring both in Australia and abroad with his various productions, which include Gala of the Royal Horses, Lipizzaner’s With the Stars, Equestra and El Caballo Blanco. He is excited to bring an all-new revamped production of Gala of The Royal Horses to audiences across North America.

Tickets are available at the BankUnited Center Box Office and at Ticketmaster.com, starting at $29. Group rates and UM employee discounts are available as well as discounted tickets for seniors and children. Call 305-284-8165 for more information.

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