Tuesday , 31 March 2015
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Iconic Alhambra Water Tower restoration almost complete

Iconic Alhambra Water Tower restoration almost complete

The historic restoration of one of Coral Gables’ most iconic landmarks is almost complete.


The Alhambra Water Tower, built in 1924 and used for many years as part of the city’s water supply system, has been undergoing a series of renovations including the painting of the exterior walls, doors, windows and railings as well as the restoration of its sundial and murals.

Workers have replaced the lower and upper level railings, ground floor double doors, keyhole windows, and the broken glass in windows. The rehabilitation work also includes the installation of new interior stairs, replacing the old deteriorated wooden stairs as well as the replacement of the interior wood decks.

Improvements to the tower’s electrical system and the installation of a climate controlled ventilation system are part of the restoration project. The entire site subsequently will be landscaped. Total cost of the project is approximately $280,000.

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