Saturday , 30 May 2015
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Coral Gables Museum hosts birthday luncheon for Robert Fewell

Coral Gables Museum hosts birthday luncheon for Robert Fewell

Coral Gables Museum hosts birthday luncheon for Robert Fewell

Enjoying the birthday celebration at Coral Gables Museum are (l-r) Hal Wanless, with birthday boy Bob Fewell, Marian Fewell, and good friend Lynn Bauer.

Robert Fewell, a man without whom the Coral Gables Museum would not be what it is today, recently turned 92 and the party was on. Coral Gables Museum’s Chris Rupp orchestrated a beautiful luncheon for the family and friends of this beloved man.
Lynn Bauer and Hal Wanless added to the festivities by bringing centerpieces and making sure Bob arrived on time with his beautiful wife, Marian.

Among the hundred or so guests enjoying the affair were his daughter Carole Fewell Buell and husband, Rod; Gables Vice Mayor Bill Kerdyk; former Gables Mayor George Corrigan; George Kakouris; and Gulliver’s Hank Langston, who brought Fewell’s former secretary, Betty Zipse.

Speaking of Hank, he also had a big 75th birthday days later. His family surprised him by coming from around the United States to celebrate the big day. From parties at Foxes on Friday night and Burger Bob’s on Saturday morning, Feb. 22, the event that surprised him the most was a party at Plymouth Church’s Pilgrimage House on Saturday afternoon.

Coral Gables Chamber president Mark Trowbridge arrived with a beautiful presentation while Dr. Al Smith composed a great poem for the occasion. Among the many guests at the various parties were Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner, John Krutulis, Kate Swain, Joey Deyerle, the usual gang from Burger Bob’s and Hank’s big family, to mention a very few.

Coral Gables Museum hosts birthday luncheon for Robert Fewell

Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner (left) is pictured with Hank Langston (center) and Phill Lyons at Hank’s third surprise birthday party of the weekend at Plymouth Church’s Pilgrimage House.

On the non-profit front, in an effort to support National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Coral Gables Rotarians, Coral Gables High School’s Interact members, and Boy Scout Troop 840 under the guidance of Rotarians, gathered at FIU on Sunday, Mar. 2, to cheer, serve lunch and volunteer as 1,000 cyclists completed their two-day MS Bike Ride returning from Key Largo. This event served to awareness of the challenges of MS and raise funds to continue research for a cure.

Several staff members working the event were affected with MS and shared their daily challenges. They were most grateful and touched to witness the outpouring of support from Rotary, Interact and Boy Scout Troop 840 members who added to the fun making posters to cheer the riders to the finish line and then helping served lunch throughout the day.

Among the many Rotarians with this writer helping that day were Debbie and John Swain, Donald Trombly, Greg Martini, Yoli Woodbridge, Diane Thurston and Lorraine Sheldon.

Until next time, keep making each day count.

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