Wednesday , 6 May 2015
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The cost of medical care — someone ...

I have a 72-year-old friend whose wife is in her very early 60s. My friend is covered with Medicare and happy not to have any co-pays on his medical p Read More »

May 1 promises to be a magical night at Westin Colonnade

May 1 promises to be a magical night at ...

  Guests will be entertained and amazed by the magical wonderland transformation of the ballrooms at the Westin Colonnade on May 1, 6:30-11 p.m., Read More »


The Ford Edge 2015 is hi-tech and all ...

The Ford Edge 2015 is finally rolling into South Florida auto dealer showrooms and expectations for this new version of the crossover sport utility ve Read More »


Mercedes-Benz CLS gets new ...

By the traditional definition, a coupe is a car with two doors. Yet 10 years ago Mercedes-Benz designers introduced the beautiful CLS and proclaimed i Read More »


Our airport in the Everglades: a dream ...

Readers who were born in the 1960s and later might not know that an airport exists on the northwest edge of Everglades National Park. Drive about 55 m Read More »