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Fixing your car after an auto accident


So you narrowly escaped a trip to the ER when a freckled-faced teen with a freshly – minted license took a stop sign and half of your rear- quarter panel. But now that your new Audi looks like your Uncle Otto’s accordion, what do you do next? Here’s some advice: ...

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Shades by Design: Treating Windows Right

Shades By Design- Treating Windows Right

It’s “curtains” for ordinary window coverings! Shades by Design blends functional with beautiful – offering one of the industry’s most comprehensive lines of customized, efficient shading solutions for windows, doors and patios as well as freestanding structures and yachts. From private homes and offices – to premier residential and commercial ...

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New Health Research

Patricia C. Frank

New health research directed toward Cynicism defines a cynic as a person with little faith in human nature. A cynic is someone who is critical, skeptical and inclined to doubt all accepted opinions. A cynic is someone who expresses harsh criticism of others, scoffs at things and distrusts people and ...

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