Stories written by Wendy Levy

Avoid overpricing your home even in a seller’s market

Selling a home now is a better option than it has been in recent years. Florida has finally started to recover from the housing market crash and many industry experts agree that a real estate seller’s market exists. With prices on properties rising, most foreclosure properties sold, a lower inventory level than the last several […]

Present your best offer first

We’ve all heard it happen so many times that it has almost become ingrained in our minds as the natural order of real estate shopping – start with a lowball offer and then haggle back and forth to a middle ground. But the truth is that this isn’t really as effective an option as most […]

Is it now a seller’s market in Miami?


It’s no secret that the housing market has experienced a pretty pronounced slump over the last few years. With more houses than ever sitting empty and buyers hesitant to commit, those individuals who were in the market to purchase a new home were almost able to name their price on the property of their dreams. […]

Low inventory means it’s a great time to list your home


A lot of people may be hearing that Miami is turning into a seller’s market when it comes to real estate. Of course, after the recent troubles in the housing market it would be perfectly understandable if a person who was interested in selling their home was somewhat hesitant to put it on the market […]

Marketing for selling success

Home owners in South Florida who would like to have a very successful transaction need to be able to use a variety of skills when it comes to selling their homes. Unfortunately, many people do not have a background in home inspections, marketing or even real estate values, so this is why it is so […]

‘Golden egg’ may not be all it seems

Luxury is the defining characteristic for many homes in the South Florida area. According to a Forbes article, South Florida has some of the wealthiest residents and homeowners anywhere in the United States, and these people expect for their homes to reflect their status. Fortunately for those who are investing in the real estate market, […]

What sellers need to know about private sales

Many people feel that they could do just as well selling their home on their own without a real estate agent, and some are correct. The majority of the sellers, however, falls into common pitfalls and wonder why their home continues to sit on the market. From a too of high price range to neglecting […]

Pinecrest is the place to be

In the real estate business, location is everything and prospective buyers and sellers in the Pinecrest area have it made when it comes to location. This gorgeous little corner of the globe is not only located in Florida’s famously tropical climate, but the Village of Pinecrest itself has large city opportunities with a small-town feel. […]

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