Stories written by Tim Dodson

School-based health centers: frontlines of student wellness

School-based health centers: frontlines of student wellness

Tanya Silver fiddles with her hands and has a flush look on her face as the patient care technician at her middle school listens to her heart. The 14 year-old felt a heavy pain on her chest and went to her school-based health center to be examined. Silver (named changed to protect her identity) told […]

Family Medicine Center Opens at West Kendall Baptist Hospital


West Kendall Baptist Hospital’s new Family Medicine Center is now open, providing area residents with high-quality primary and preventive care.West Kendall residents can now turn to the Baptist Health Medical Group Family Medicine Center for all routine care needs such as physical examinations, flu and allergy shots, non-emergency illnesses and injuries, chronic disease management and […]

Students learn tricks to ensure clean hands


Kendall schoolchildren are singing “Happy Birthday” much more often than usual these days, thanks to a novel healtheducation program presented in area elementary schools by West Kendall Baptist Hospital. The simple act of handwashing, performed properly and regularly, greatly reduces the spread of infection and illness. Yet, many people don’t do a thorough job and […]