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First Impressions : Savoca & Forza D’Agro, Sicily –Il Padrino

First Impressions:Savoca & Forza D’Agro, Sicily –Il Padrino

They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse… A day trip just outside of Taormina placed us in the heart of what most everyone in this world thinks of when they think of Sicily. In the little villages of Savoca and Forza D’Agro we experienced the inspiration for Francis Ford Coppola’s Oscar winning films, The […]

First Impressions :: Our Sister City Taormina, Italy

First Impressions :: Our Sister City Taormina,Italy

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No wait, it’s Superman! But really…It is Superman (Henry Cavill)…and Russell Crowe and Amy Adams! Just to name a few of the incredible actors, actresses, and directors who grace the stage of the Teatro Greco this week for the 59th Annual Taormina Film Festival! All week the Teatro Greco […]

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