Stories written by Russel Lazega

Finding Fault with Fighting Fault in Auto Accidents

So you thought this was already a bad week? The dog ate your recliner. Your Mother-in- Law just called with the “good news” that she’s visiting for the summer and now some crazy speeder jumped the median, ran over a row of flowers and landed SMACK in front of your car. Worse yet, his insurer […]

Special Help for Special Needs

Russel Lazega

My four-year-old likes to bounce – I mean, really likes to bounce! This kid can spend unimaginable stretches of time airborne reaching fabulous heights and tuning out the world around him. I mean, man, can he bounce! They say it’s a natural product of being caught on the frazzled fringes of the autism spectrum. What […]

Some things to know if you’re in an accident

So you hear it all over the radio. You see it on T.V. “In an accident? Call 911, 411, 311, 011 and then your international country code.” It seems nowadays everyone has advice about car accidents. But there really are some important things to know if you’re in a crash in order to avoid waiving […]

Surviving the Citizens’ Insurance Breakup?

Okay. So it feels a little like that Junior Prom debacle with the cute little redhead from Mr. McGinty’s chemistry class. You remember it. I mean, sure you weren’t really that crazy about her anyway but when she broke it off with you and left you finishing out the party with “spaced-toothed Susie Stottlemeyer” . […]

Will Florida Have Mandatory P.I.P. Auto Insurance Next Year?

Maybe the bigger question on the mind of many a pundit is – should we have mandatory P.I.P. next year? Critics of Florida’s No-Fault Insurance system complain that P.I.P. (a 40- year old concept requiring car accident victims to first seek payment of basic medical expenses and lost wages through their own insurance before going […]

What to do when your Insurance Company is not on your side

So, they had a catchy slogan that made you expect that when disaster struck they would be neighborly, or stand beside you, or take everything into their good, capable hands. But now that you need them to defend or pay your claim, does it feel like your good neighbor has packed up and left the […]

Are We Heading for Sinkhole City

Got that sinking feeling like the world is just caving in under you? No, really … I mean literally are you seeing the foundation of your back patio drop about a meter below your kitchen? Well it’s happening to more and more Floridians, and often in areas that were never before thought to be part […]

Will We Have Mandatory P.I.P. Insurance Next Year?

“To keep mandatory P.I.P. Insurance or not to keep mandatory P.I.P.?” I know . . . for most people questions about “P.I.P. Insurance” (mandatory health/disability coverage that Florida drivers are obliged to purchase) may seem as ponderous as whether aerobic compost is better than traditional manure fertilizer. But the simple reality is that Floridians pay […]

Yet Another Citizens Insurance Scandal and What You Can Do About It

If you believe what you read in the papers about our state’s biggest property insurer, you may be anxiously gleaning the “A-Section” wondering “could it get any worse?” After all, we’re barely into 2013 and Citizens has already managed to pull off a spectacular hat trick of newsworthy scandals including: the “Travel Gone Wild” fiasco […]

Making the Case for Tossing a Fundamental Constitutional Right

I know we’re Americans and talking to Americans about giving up constitutional rights is a little like talking Wile-E-Coyote out of his Acme membership. But a little time working a small claims court jury trial got me thinking about something: why on this great green earth do we need six unfortunate taxpayers to spend time […]

What to Expect from Florida’s New P.I.P. Insurance Law

Okay, looking back through this late-night final draft of my monthly column, I’m wondering now whether maybe I should have titled this piece: “What Not to Expect from Florida’s New P.I.P. Insurance Law” – since here we are in January 2013, the starting date for much of Governor Scotts’ sweeping P.I.P. insurance reform package, and […]

Santa’s Christmas Insurance List

So no doubt by this time of year Santa Claus is busy churning away on the production line at that icy toy factory, watching the elves punch the overtime clock and praying to heaven itself that Donner gets back from his Vegas junket in time to make the deliveries. But has anyone asked if Santa […]

How to Bust a Hole Through the Insurance Company Stonewall

So I was reading one of those consumer-help columns in the newspaper the other day and the columnist was trying to guide a reader through an insurance dispute over a water leak. The columnist was witty and helpful and suggested the following vigorous plan of action: call the insurer to discuss the problem, then call […]

So Isaac rained on your parade


So Isaac breezed through town and maybe some of us feel a little like that cleverly bunkered third little piggy that never had to worry about a huffing, puffing wolf sending him racing to Citizen’s claims office. While Isaac’s wind may not have caused much damage, what many may not realize is that the flooding […]