Stories written by Patricia Frank

You as a Cab Driver

Patricia Frank

By Patricia Frank…. There is an often told story about a woman’s unconventional cab ride that carries a message for everyone. The driver arrived at an address and honked his horn. After a few minutes he went to the door. A frail woman in her 90’s opened it and he helped her to the car. […]

The Challenge of Change


By Patricia Frank…. When the Seasons change it is a reminder that change is an integral part of life. Nothing stays the same not the world and not you. The sun, moon and stars change every day. Just as the Universe is designed to change, you are designed to change. Not one cell in your […]

Affairs of the Brain

Patricia Frank

By Patricia C. Frank…. Affairs are extremely complex just like human beings. They are the result of many underlying psychological circumstances. There are some common causes and situations that foster an affair. They are often triggered by the lack of emotional fulfillment within the existing relationship. This is coupled with disillusionment and resentment when the […]

Your Definition of You

By Patricia Frank…. How do you define yourself? If you were to introduce yourself, what would you say? “Hello, my name is__________ and I am ________.” You are more than whatever you just said about yourself. Your life is not just what you do for a living. Nor are you just your role like Mother […]

Watch your expiration date

Patricia Frank

By Patricia C. Frank…. We all have an expiration date just like the food, medicines and products that we buy in the stores. The expiration date means that if you use the product past that date it may not be 100% effective. It may not produce the desired or promised result. It may also mean […]

Courage in your Core

Patricia Frank

By Patricia Frank…. The original notion of the word courage means, “To stand by one’s core.” The core is the central part of something or someone. Your core is your essence. It is your fundamental nature. It contains the seeds of your being and the seeds of your greatness. It is the most important part […]

The View from the Valley

Patricia Frank

By Patricia Frank…. When you are in a valley looking up molehills can seem like mountains. The mountains may seem to surround you on all sides. There may seem to be too many of them and they may seem to be too high. It is so easy to become discouraged in life. When you are […]

The Crossroads in Life

Patricia C. Frank

By Patricia Frank…. A crossroad is a place where two roads meet. If you wish to continue going forward, you have to choose between them.  You do not have the option of staying on the same path.  The straight away no longer exists.  The road divides. You have to choose which road to take. Choosing […]

Turn the Trauma Around

Patricia Frank

By Patricia Frank…. A trauma is a physical injury or a profound emotional shock. Trauma occurs when you are exposed to a life – threatening situation or event while you are in a state of helplessness.  It occurs when you are dependent, vulnerable and defenseless.  You become wounded and damaged in some way. It is […]

The Eye of the Storm


By Patricia C. Frank…. A hurricane is a storm with violent winds, rain, thunderstorms and tornados. If it occurs in the Western ocean it is called a cyclone. One of the characteristics of these storms is the Eye. The eye is a calm region in the center of the storm. It is an area that […]

You are stepping on my shadow

Patricia Frank

By Patricia Frank…. Patricia Frank When an individual steps on your shadow they are annoying and irritating you. They are violating you in a way, by invading and intruding on your personal space. They are unwanted and uninvited. They are forcing you to pay attention to them. They are causing you a degree of anger […]

Don’t just Repress-Release


ny Patricia Frank…. There are many things that happen to you in life that create certain thoughts and emotions that you cannot express. This usually happens when you don’t feel safe to express them or when the consequences of expressing them are too dangerous or difficult. The only alternative seems to be to repress them. […]

Increase and Intensify your Energy

Patricia Frank

By Patricia Frank…. Patricia Frank There is an old proverb that says, “The church is near but the road is all ice; the tavern is far. We will walk very carefully.” This proverb says many things about human nature. It affirms the tendency human beings have to do the things they like. It illustrates how […]

Don’t be a ‘Doubting Thomas’


By Patricia Frank…. Doubt is an uncertain, undecided state of mind. It is the inclination to disbelieve or trust. Just about everyone has heard the term “A doubting Thomas” which refers to a person who is skeptical and cynical. To be happy and successful don’t be a cynic. A cynic is a person with little […]