Stories written by Patricia C.Frank

Retail Therapy, positive state of mind

Patricia Frank

Retail Therapy is the anticipation of or the act of, buying. It can be therapeutic because buying things creates many beneficial thoughts and feelings. The Psychology behind buying can help some people cope with the vicissitudes of daily life. It can be an effective treatment for various conditions and it can promote healing. There are […]

Designed to Dream and Daydream

You are designed to dream. You may doubt that you dream and swear that you don’t dream but you do. Every human being has dreams. You may not remember them but you have them. They are an important part of your physiological and psychological makeup. You are also designed to daydream. Daydreams are an important […]

Tea and Teapots

You cannot pour tea from an empty teapot. This statement sounds obvious and simplistic but in real life and in real relationships, it is not obvious at all. Many people spend their whole lives being disappointed and sometimes hurt by their relationships. They fail to understand the basics of interacting with others. Their expectations are […]

The Gift of Giving

A rather simplistic view of the world is that the world is divided into Givers and Takers. Which one are you? If you are a taker you are on the wrong side in life. Do everything you can to get on the other side of this great divide and be a giver. The secret of […]

Symbols and Symbolic Dreams


A symbol is a representation of something. It stands for something else. It can be a metaphor or it can be allegorical. Symbols are personal, cultural, and universal. They reflect the thoughts and emotions of the dreamer in the current moment. Each individual is the best interpreter of their own symbols and the meanings they […]

Hold on to your special Balloons


A balloon is a bonus in your life. It was probably given to you, the first time, when you were very young, as a reward or as something to delight you. A balloon brings joy. It is beautiful and fascinating to behold. It gives pleasure. The first lesson you learn about a balloon is that […]

Nuances of Loss and Grief


Death and loss touch everyone in often unexpected and profound ways. They produce a mix of thoughts and feelings and impact an individual’s life on many levels. Some reactions are obvious and some are more subtle. Aside from the feelings of pain and loss there can be some unrecognized, uncomfortable feelings associated with the passing […]

Trust and Trusting

Patricia C. Frank

Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth and strength of a deity, person or thing. When you trust in someone or something you have faith in them and you believe in them. You rely on them and depend on them. You have confidence and hope that what is inferred or promised will take […]

Silly Syllogisms to think about

Patricia C. Frank

By Patricia C. Frank…. To think is to contemplate ponder and reason. It is to mull over and arrive at a conclusion. It has been humorously said, “That some people think that they are thinking when all they are doing is rearranging their prejudices.” To see clearly and to be able to follow the thread […]

Ripple Ripple Ripple

Patricia C. Frank

By Patricia C. Frank…. A ripple is a ruffling of the water’s surface that spreads out in all directions. This ruffle disturbs the smoothness and tranquility that exists in that moment. The ripple wave undulates and stirs up not only the surface but beneath the surface as well. Human beings are just as vulnerable to […]

The Danger in Going Backstage

By Patricia Frank…. When you go backstage after a performance you risk having the illusions of the show shattered. Some people do better with this than others. It depends on your personality and on your deepest needs. An illusion is a misconception about the true state of affairs or the true value or content of […]

One of your latest abilities

Patricia Frank

By Patricia Frank…. Patricia Frank You are a person of many latent talents and abilities. Talents that you may not be aware of. They may be concealed even from you. A latent talent is one that has not yet manifested itself. Dormant things are things that are not currently observable. Everyone has Psychic energy and […]

Social Anxiety Disorder is SAD

Patricia Frank

By Patricia Frank…. Social Anxiety Disorder or SAD is a condition that many people suffer from. It is ironic that the initials of the disorder spell sad because the disorder is just that. It is very sad because the individual does not enjoy social interaction which is an important part of life. SAD occurs in […]

Rainbow after the Rain

A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon. It is caused by the sun shining on droplets of moisture in the atmosphere. These droplets form a multicolored arc that is visible in the sky. Rainbows come after the rain. Rainbows are beautiful. Rainbows are a gift and a blessing from the Universe. They make you […]

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