Stories written by Kimberly Porter

Sparkling Bins brings trash bin cleaning service right to your curb


By Kimberly Porter…. Not everyone knows that their trash bin is a major breeding ground for bacteria. Luckily for those of us in the South Miami area, Sparkling Bins will keep your waste container hygienically clean, for as low as $5.75 per bin. The idea came to owner John Conway after his wife chased him […]

3-2 vote approves ‘Acting’ Attorney Pepe


By Kimberly Porter…. Attorney Thomas Pepe was approved as acting City Attorney at the March 1 City Commission meeting, and later awarded a $200,000, contract despite absence of a bidding process and questions by two dissenting Commission members about his lack of municipal experience. Deputy City Attorney Mark Goldstein, voted then to be retained as […]

Former City Attorney Feingold prepares lawsuit against Vice Mayor Newman


By Kimberly Porter…. Vice Mayor Valerie Newman’s battle with ex- City Attorney Laurence Feingold accelerated the past week with two major developments: Newman’s assertion that Feingold accepted a $26,000 check in 2010 that she questioned as a potential referral fee (since corrected); Atty. Feingold subsequent planning to take Newman to court due to what he […]

Datran Center Mardi Gras time for fun and business


By Kimberly Porter…. A colorful Mar. 8 Mardi Gras celebration at Datran Center spotlighted how local businesses are encouraged to weather down economic cycles. The event also served to focus attention on efforts of the newly formed Dadeland Business Association (DBA) to improve one of Miami-Dade’s prime shopping and commercial centers. The Datran Center lobby […]

Branding Expert Bruce Turkel Advises Red Sunset Merchants Association


By Kimberly Porter…. A familiar face returned to South Miami to advise on maximizing profitability at the Red Sunset Merchant Association March 15 meeting. Author Bruce Turkel who has written three books on brand management  described how to “Define Your Issue” in relation to increasing revenue during a luncheon session in the Player Lounge at […]

McCain meeting ban dropped by Stoddard


By Kimberly Porter…. Mayor Philip Stoddard has apologized to Sharon McCain for an attempt to ban her from city meetings, after receiving legal advice that such decisions were limited to assemblies at which he was the presiding officer. A letter from Stoddard delivered by police to McCain would have banned her from any city meeting […]

Despite reports Feingold not to pursue reinstatement as city attorney


By Kimberly Porter…. City attorney Laurence Feingold resigned at the last commission meeting after being led to believe there were enough votes to force him out. As the Miami Herald reported March 7th, knowing now that might not have been the case Feingold considered asking for his job back. He has since decided against it. […]

Mayor bars Sharon McCain from meetings at City Hall


By Kimberly Porter…. By a formal letter, Mayor Philip Stoddard has barred Ms. Sharon McCain from attending City Commission and other advertised city meetings, as well as her presence on City Hall grounds during their conduct. Citing authority as presiding officer of the City Commission, under the Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2, Article 2, Section […]

Multiple Farmer’s Markets delay code amendments


By Kimberly Porter…. Zoning changes to permit a South Miami Farmer’s Market will once again come before the city Planning Board March 8 after two discussions have yet to resolve how to legally permit such operations within the city. The two key issues: (1) whether multiple markets be allowed to operate within city zoning districts […]

City Attorney Feingold, Deputy Goldstein resigned, out in 30 days


By Kimberly Porter…. South Miami City Attorney Laurence Feingold announced his resignation at the March 1 City Commission meeting, advising he will serve in that position for 30 more days before his employment and that of Deputy City Attorney Mark Goldstein are terminated. An add-on resolution to the Commission agenda sponsored by Vice Mayor Valerie […]

‘Touch of Class’ at Gardners Market


By Kimberly Porter…. A taste of roquefort with a vintage rose accompanied by a Strauss overture was the February attraction at South Miami’s landmark gourmet food palace. “We’re trying to build even better personal relationships with our customers in the area,” explained Lance Frazier, Gardners Market’s new store manager who has begun monthly complimentary tasting […]

Operation ‘Broken Hearts’ reveals South Miami drug trafficking


By Kimberly Porter…. Operation “Broken Hearts,” an eight-hour DUI checkpoint, resulted in traffic citations for 92 vehicles out of a total of 791 checked by law enforcement agencies February 11-12. More significant to police, out of 24 arrests, only one individual was cited for DUI while five others related to narcotics violations. Carried out in […]

Commission rejects Hometown ordinance parking change


By Kimberly Porter…. An amendment to clarify parking space requirements in the Hometown District Overlay Regulations failed at first reading by a 5-0 vote at the February 15 City Commission meeting. According to current ordinance wording, mixed-use buildings receive a 20 percent discount from non-District parking requirements. Mixed-use buildings are classified as those using no […]

Rezoning for Eight-Story affordable housing fails


By Kimberly Porter…. Carlisle Development Group’s first step to rezone a city owned piece of property for an eight-story residential building failed approval by a 5-3 City Commission vote February 2. Item 24 on the agenda proposed rezoning the property located at 5890 SW 69th Street after Carlisle’s recent meeting with the planning board to […]

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