Stories written by Julia Yarbough

City Creates Youth Entrepreneurial Opportunities with High Flying Summer Camp Program

City Creates Youth Entrepreneurial Opportunities with High Flying Summer Camp Program

Forging business, government, aviation, athletic and tourism partnerships, the City of Miami Gardens Parks and Recreation Department has taken the concept of Teen Summer Camp to new levels of learning for youth. From June 10th – August 9th, 2013, more than 100 youth participated in and completed the program which offered applicable business and entrepreneurial […]

Planting Seeds

The Tenth Anniversary slogan for the City of Miami Gardens is “Cultivating Possibilities.” It is a fitting theme for many of the events which have and are about to take place within the City. Miami Gardens is VIBRANT and GROWING due to the many seeds which have been planted along the way, carefully watered, tended […]

City Students Forge Cultural and Educational Bonds in West Africa

IMG_0490[1] - Copy

What did you do this Summer? For Miami Gardens’ students Dawn Millings and Gerre Barnwell, the answer might sound something like this: ‘We traveled and we experienced adventure, foreign lands, cultural exposure and now have a greater appreciation for African heritage.’ The two students joined City of Miami Gardens Councilman Dr. Erhabor Ighodaro for an […]

We’re All Heading Toward the Same Goal


On any given day, shortly after 5 a.m. you’ll probably find Vernita Nelson along with several female friends and her trusty dog, Lola out for a jog to kickstart the day before getting her husband and children set for their day ahead. But by 9 a.m. Nelson’s focus has shifted to her second family: The […]

Creating Confidence and Trust – Miami Gardens’ Own Secretary of State

Ronetta Taylor, Miami Gardens City Clerk

Mark this down as a piece of City of Miami Gardens trivia: Who was the first official employee of the City upon incorporation in 2003? Answer: Ronetta Taylor who holds the title City Clerk. This month Taylor is being recognized for reaching her ten year milestone serving in the capacity. What exactly does the City […]

Discovering Underwater Opportunities Introducing Youth to Scuba Diving

Less than fifty miles from the City of Miami Gardens sits one of the nation’s premier underwater diving locations; Biscayne National Park. Thanks to a multi-agency and cross-state partnership, Miami Gardens’ youth had the opportunity to explore scuba diving and related career fields during a hands-on presentation and in-pool demonstration by Youth Diving With a […]

New Chapters: Embarking Together

As The City of Miami Gardens celebrates its ten year anniversary; exciting years full of growth, change, experience and evolution from a newborn crawling, to a toddler “toddling” to a young child walking, this is perhaps a fitting time to talk about how much our lives are like novels. A compilation of stories made up […]

Keeping our Kids Safe Miami Gardens Crossing Guards Honored

Keeping our Kids Safe Miami Gardens Crossing Guards Honored

Each and every morning and afternoon handful of dedicated City of Miami Gardens employees take to the streets to devote their time and attention to making sure our most valuable assets are kept safe – our children. Often times overlooked for their devotion and service, Crossing Guards play a vital role in the health of […]

Building Trust; Building Civic Pride

Building Trust; Building Civic Pride

“Know that change is inevitable.” Words of heartfelt advice to the leaders, residents and visitors to The City of Miami Gardens from the young city’s first Mayor, Shirley Gibson. As our community marks an historic birthday milestone – the 10 year anniversary of the creation of Miami Gardens, the woman who played a pivotal role […]

South Florida Landlords Beware

South Florida Landlords Beware

We hear it time and again – stories on the news about individuals taking advantage of the high number of foreclosed and/or vacant properties in South Florida and homes “for rent.” Time and again I share stories and information with my fellow South Floridians based on personal experiences (good and bad) that might, in some […]

On Top of the World

It’s good to have friends in ‘high places.’ One perk of being an avid traveler is my network of friends stretches far and wide. Most of those friends also love exotic adventure. Like my dear friend Phil Henderson. We rafted Utah’s Green River during my 2010 Highway to a Husband road trip. Phil’s passion for […]

Mother Nature’s exotic playground welcomes a new fan

South Florida, one of Mother Nature’s most exotic playgrounds, is about to get a new resident determined to bring greater awareness, education and empathy to the importance of connecting to Mother Earth. Jarid Manos, a green leader, literary author (Ghetto Plainsman, Temba House Press), and public speaker, is preparing to start a 2 year writing […]

Preparing for Success: How one man is helping teens

Remember when we were in High School how administrators would schedule guest speakers to come in and chat with the students (us) about the importance of staying in school, getting good grades and living up to the goals and aspirations set by our parents? Administrators from Stranahan High School recently took advantage of a talented […]

A world with Diabetes

Did you know November 14th is World Diabetes Day? It marks the birthday of Frederick Banting, who along with Charles Best made the discovery of insulin (a life-saving treatment for diabetics) back in 1922. According to the American Diabetes Association, almost 26 million people in the United States live with diabetes. Another 79 million are […]