Stories written by Juan Manuel Colome

Save Your Business, and Save the World!


Win-win situations are too rare in business for my liking. We like to think everyone’s happy but how often do both sides benefit from a deal, a proposal or a new direction? That’s why so much business training is centered around making sure you’re on the winning side. So when an opportunity comes along for […]

What every restaurant should know about mobile marketing

Juan Manuel Colome – CEO, Infoseek Technologies, Inc.

The emergence of mobile marketing among businesses seems to mirror the buzz of social media – everyone is talking about it but few businesses are using it and of those using it, few are using it well. The following is a list of some of the potential opportunities and challenges that marketers will need to […]

Get on Page One of Google’s Search Results Page

Juan Manuel Colome

By Juan Manuel Colome…. Juan Manuel Colome With the rise of mobile search and social media, optimizing local web-presence is becoming paramount to small businesses. Understanding how Google can drive awareness and traffic and recognizing the critical role that search-engine results play in competition are critical to the success of any business in today’s market. […]

How to create fantastic Facebook Fan pages

By Juan Manuel Colome…. So you have decided to create a Facebook page for your company. Seems easy enough: register your page, create a company name, and fill in the basic information. You have got less than 10 fans and a pretty basic profile picture. Now what? You obviously want the page to broaden your […]

Facebook: A unique marketing opportunity for your small business


By Juan Colome…. Maximize internet traffic and you can increase your income. In November 2006, Facebook pages were released as an advertising platform. Before the launch, internet marketers simply purchased advertising to promote their products and services. Thanks to Facebook, internet marketers now have an entirely unique opportunity to market products and services. The great […]

Promote Your Local Business Using Traditional Media


By Juan Manuel Colome…. Pick up any magazine or newspaper and turn to the back. What do you see? Pages and pages of ads, some big, some small … and almost all of them end with a website address. Same thing with your local newspaper classifieds. The ad gets your attention and the website gives […]

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