Stories written by Ivy Jarel

Let’s enjoy our closet!

Your closet is a world where your clothes, shoes, accessories live their life. A cramped, chaotic, poorly lit closet can make mornings very frustrating. Remodeling your closet can create a more organized space for dressing and storage, which will also be appealing to any future buyers. The good news is that there are many cost-effective […]

Let’s keep a tidy home office

Consider the time spent getting organized to be an investment in your productivity. If you make your home office area organized, you feel organized. A disorganized office can not only make you less efficient, it can cost you money. Bills that aren’t paid on time because you can’t find them incur late fees. Client proposals […]

It’s time to organize your closet

A closet is the best space to start when decluttering your home. When you step back and get a full view of your closet, what do you see? Do you see a well-organized, well-maintained storage area? Or do you see stacks and piles of stuff? For most people, the answer is the latter. Having an […]