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Through the eyes of a tourist

I took a walk down Ocean Drive over New Year’s weekend. In order to appreciate the scene I put on a pair of glasses that allowed me to view everything through the eyes of a tourist. All biases were wiped away.I was amazed at the sights and the sounds and the feel of the warm […]

Happy New Year

This column will take a break from our usual subject matter to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year, and to bestow some awards upon a few “deserving” organizations. THE THANK YOU AWARD goes to the Miami Heat for putting a championship team on the floor for the fans of Miami, and more […]

The $outh Florida Gaming Report-Feedback WantedThe $outh Florida Gaming Report-Feedback Wanted

The $outh Florida Gaming Report-Feedback Wanted

For over a year now I have been trying to inform residents of Miami Beach about the goings on in the South Florida gaming arena. Much has happened and there is much more to come. The annual “push” for more gaming will be a topic for discussion at the upcoming legislative session. As a beach […]

Recap and Reach Out

The recently concluded elections included a question to the voters in Palm Beach and Lee Counties as to whether or not they wished to approve slot machines at pari-mutuel facilities [dog tracks] located within their respective counties. In both cases the measure passed quite convincingly. The rationale behind these measures was that they would limit […]

All Aboard


I understand that on Miami Beach buses, taxis, and other forms of transportation take approximately 350 people a week to local area casinos. This means there are 350 individuals a week, 1,400 a month, 17,000 a year that will sit on a bus for anywhere from fifteen minutes to seventy-five minutes to try their luck […]

Gaming Questions


There is one very specific question on the ballot in Palm Beach and Lee County at this u p c o m i n g November election. In Palm Beach voters will be asked to decide if slot machines should be allowed at the Palm Beach Kennel Club. In Lee County voters will decide if […]

The Sicillian Connection


When one hears the word Sicily, thoughts of The Godfather trilogy come to mind and the word “Mafia” swirls around one’s head. In reality, nothing can be further from the truth. Recently, the delegation from the City of Sunny Isles Beach visited the City of Taormina, a beautiful beach resort at the footsteps of Mount […]

What If…


WHAT IF Governor Rick Scott agrees to let counties decide through voter referendums if they want casino gaming within their borders. M i a m i – D a d e county voters have already made their decision known. The resounding “yes” vote in 2008 led to the opening of the Magic City Casino in […]

The $outh Florida Gaming Report Is it really big and bad?

Isadore Havenick

On March 31st Gulfstream Park played host to the running of the Florida Derby featuring Union Rags the early favorite for the Kentucky Derby. The day featured racing, a concert, and yes gambling in the casino. On March 31st Magic City Casino presented a Wheelin Dealin Food Fest featuring over 20 twenty gourmet food trucks. […]

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