Stories written by George Scholl

The Charter Revision commission

The Character Revision commission

During last month’s City Commission meeting each of your elected officials nominated one member of the public to create a Charter Revision Commission (CRC). Since CRC’s are convened so infrequently many of us are not aware of why we have them and what this group does for our community. This article will attempt to answer […]

The importance of donating blood: You have the power to save someone’s life


It’s hard to imagine possibly needing a blood transfusion. Most think it will never happen to them, but the reality is one in three of us will need blood at some point in our lives. Blood recipients are all around us, alive today because of the selfless act of blood donors. Trauma patients, cancer patients, […]

Why Wi-Fi in Sunny Isles Beach?


Before being elected to the City Commission and over the past number of years of serving on the commission, I have always been a strong advocate for as much public Wi-Fi access as possible throughout Sunny Isles Beach. Yes, I admit it I am a technical enthusiast, often times called a Geek! However, there are […]