Stories written by Ernie Sochin

I want the name Sochin to be famous among TV show hosts


By Ernie Sochin…. It seems that everyone who is allowed space in a newspaper has written about the “Weiner Affair.” In case you have been living under a canal in South Dade, that is about Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York and his organ displays on the Internet. As I write this, it was announced […]

I just can’t seem to throw things away


By Ernie Sochin…. I think I can… I think I Can… I think I can. That was said by the Little Engine that Could in the famous children’s book by the same name. I really can’t… I really can’t … I really can’t. That is my mantra. I just can’t seem to throw things away. […]

Why all these disasters? God must be angry at us


By Ernie Sochin…. God is angry! He must be or why would we be experiencing all these earthquakes, floods, nuclear disasters, hurricanes, etc.? But what is he so angry about? Those “God Hates Fags” people at the Westboro Church in Topeka, KS, believe it is because we allow gays in the military. Other church leaders […]

Everyone’s talking about jobs, but just who’s creating them?

Ernie Sochin, Vice Mayor

By Ernie Sochin…. Everyone is talking about jobs. I just got back from Washington, DC, and that was the key buzzword. If you ask for anything from the government, you must promise that it will deliver jobs. If you tell them that you have a project that will deliver jobs, they tell you that they […]

Have gun, will travel: Just like the old days


By Ernie Sochin…. “Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear.” Any of you who listened on radio as I did to the adventures of the Lone Ranger and Tonto will remember those famous words. For many of us, we will be returning to those days. With all the latest shootings going on […]

I really did have friends even before Facebook

Maybe we’ll come with slots for memory cards.

By Ernie Sochin…. I recently met a woman who can actually recall phone numbers. I was truly impressed. I haven’t been able to do that in years. Example: I was awaiting “early release” (from a hospital; not what you think), and had to call my wife. I didn’t have my cell phone where her number […]

The ‘Happy’ season is over, now back to the real world

Closed businesses in the community

By Ernie Sochin…. Now that the ‘”Happy” season is over it is time to take a look at what might lie ahead. One thing is for sure — all those people who were camping out waiting for stores to open pre-holiday probably spent a ton of money on gifts. The market indicators show that and […]

We became so attached to our neighbors’ dogs

My granddaughter, Natalie, is  pictured with her two friends, Cinnamon (left) and Bailey.

By Ernie Sochin…. Cinnamon died last week. Cinnamon was a Chocolate Labrador belonging to my neighbors, Brian and Mary Smith. As most of you know my house and husband-keeper will not allow me to own a dog. We did have dogs for the first 28 years of our marriage and after our last one passed […]

Although I make the effort, it’s not easy being ‘green’

Ernie Sochin, Councilmember

By Ernie Sochin…. How Green Was My Valley is a 1939 book by Richard Llewellyn that a lot of people have read but that has nothing to do with today’s “green” movement. I shouldn’t knock “green.” After all, my Town of Cutler Bay is the greenest place around with all kinds of awards for our […]

Triathlon, trick or treat make for busy weekend in our town

Ernie Sochin

By Ernie Sochin…. Everyone that knows me knows that I try hard but unsuccessfully to be a lean, fit athlete. A lot of my exercise comes from running up and down the cookie aisle at Publix looking for some old favorites and hoping to find something new as well. How do you think I felt […]

What will I do with all those bookshelves in my house?

Ernie Sochin

By Ernie Sochin…. My reading companion just got one of those Kindle gadgets for reading books. She is now able to download hundreds of books and keep them as long as she wants or delete them when she is through. Am I jealous? Well just a little bit. I have been saving all the books […]

Ernie for President! Yes, I have some ideas, too

Ernie Sochin

By Ernie Sochin…. There was a time when I would fantasize about being elected President of the United States on a write-in vote. I thought for sure that I could solve all the problems of our country with little effort and go down in history as a great savior. After being in minor league politics […]

Sometimes you can turn ‘swords into ploughshares’

Ernie Sochin

By Ernie Sochin…. Turn “swords to ploughshares” as in the Book of Isaiah? No, I have not become a biblical scholar. I hardly ever turn to the Bible, but once in a while if I am behind Love-40 and serving my last tennis ball, I do look to the heavens. It doesn’t usually help but […]

The Second Amendment: What does it really mean?

Ernie Sochin

By Ernie Sochin…. Bang! Bang! Bang! It seems that is all I hear and read about in the news lately. Of course, I am referring to the constant shootings all over the place by disgruntled workers, teenagers getting even, drug deals gone bad, and just plain shooting. Well here I go making a few more […]

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