Stories written by Ernie Sochin

Beware: The end of the world (as we know it) is near


I recently watched a TV show about the Great Depression. I tend to watch these things and my TV companion says I am wasting my time. Perhaps she is right. The show starts out showing America in our heydays of the Roaring Twenties when everyone seemed to have all they needed or wanted and then […]

Like with most men, I am a wuss when it comes to pain


No, I am not pregnant! Good thing too because I, like most men, am a wuss when it comes to pain. You see, I recently had surgery to release my carpal tunnel pressure. It is basically a simple procedure requiring outpatient surgery and you go home the same day. Of course you are given “pain […]

People are starting to call me Retro-Ernie

Remember when a stewardess, as they were once called, offered you a drink and choice of meal.

People are starting to call me Retro-Ernie because of all my articles dealing with “The Good Old Days.” Well I can’t help myself; they really were good old days and to those young-uns reading this, let me tell you that some day you will be looking back on these present days as good old days. […]

Going first class: How the one percenters live


I just went to the theater (by myself — guess why) to see the latest version of James Cameron’s Titanic in 3D. I heartily recommend it. Don’t ask me why I — and so many others — am fascinated by this 100-year-old story, but I am. Part of it stems from thinking of people making […]

War museum coming soon to Miami-Dade County

Rendering of the Miami Military Museum

A war Museum (Miami Military Museum) is coming next to Zoo Miami and the Gold Coast Railroad Museum. Why a war museum? If you have ever visited the WW II War Museum in New Orleans you will know why. I could spend days there but my fellow historian limited me to only one. There is […]

I probably would have no patience for any patients


Luckily, I am not a doctor. A lot of my friends are, but they have patients; I have absolutely no patience, at least not any longer. I used to have some and would get upset with the person behind me at the red light who beeped at me because my foot did not react fast […]

Here are some suggestions for putting people back to work


I guess I would be remiss if, as a politician, I didn’t offer my “Jobs Program” so here it is: Call it the 10-10-10 or whatever number turns you on, but these ideas are guaranteed to work. First, let’s get rid of those expensive machines on the back of our trash and recycle trucks and […]

You don’t have to be history buff to appreciate Red Tails


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a WW II buff, having read perhaps thousands of books on the subject, and even having a room in my house called the “War Room” where I keep all my WW II stuff and spend hours watching the History and Military channels. In our travels, my traveling […]

Looking back to the future: Some new ideas from Ernie


While traipsing through Costco the other day and being the wiseacre that I am, I exclaimed to my shopping companion in a loud voice: “Look, honey, they have books made out of paper here!” She, of course, pretended not to know me, but fortunately there was another couple nearby with a gentleman as weird as […]

Once again I got called to the principal’s office


I got called to the principal’s office — again! This time it wasn’t to be disciplined (more on that later), but to be “Principal for the Day” at Centennial Middle School. What a treat that was. First, seeing my name up on their marquee and then going to “my office” to have a great school […]

More doctors, pills and other joys of growing old


By Ernie Sochin…. “Don’t grow old.” This is one of the few stupid things that I allow myself to say once each week. This time I said it to a bunch of younger coworkers at my place of business. One of them shouted out: “What is the alternative?” Of course I had no acceptable answer. […]

Goodbye, Andy Rooney; I’m going to miss you


By Ernie Sochin…. One of my favorite TV personalities just turned off his camera and microphone at CBS’ 60 Minutes. I say turned off, because he never used the word retire or leaving but it was his last regular appearance on the famous news show. I speak of course of my idol, Andy Rooney. Why […]

Chance meeting on a plane: What will happen to Sean?


By Ernie Sochin…. I shouldn’t really bother myself with this. Sean is a 7-year-old boy who happened to be my seatmate on a recent flight to Boston. My traveling companion as always chose the isle seat so I was stuck in the middle and prayed as passengers were coming down the isle, that the 400-pound […]

There a lot wrong with our ‘criminal injustice system’


By Ernie Sochin…. Okay, I threatened to write about it so here goes: “The Criminal Injustice System.” I probably will get a lot of flack from attorneys (including my daughter, who is among them). Most say our system is the best and it is working well. Sorry, but I disagree. Unless you are Casey Anthony […]