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Oral Health Advice

My mom is 85 and has lost her teeth. Her natural teeth were not straight. Her dentist has made her an upper denture, but she is unhappy. She says they look like false teeth. She is healthy, so what can be done to make her happy? Dentures should be a thing of the past. Dental […]

WORD OF MOUTH Oral Health Advice

My friend and I are conflicted on the subject of dental implants. I say they are nothing new but he insists otherwise. Can you settle this debate? Dental implants of some sort (as we know of them today) have been around for thousands of years. Every society had their own ways of dealing with people […]

WORD OF MOUTH: Oral Health Advice


Growing up, my friends and I didn’t have tooth decay or cavities, but my kids seem to be prone to these defects. I am very health conscientious, making sure their diets have lots of fruits and vegetables, while monitoring foods that contain sugar. But their dental check-ups are less than acceptable. I need your help […]

WORD OF MOUTH Oral Health Advice

Q: My son wants to try out for his high school basketball team. How can I explain to him the importance of using a protective mouth appliance? Since I am a huge fan of both college and professional basketball, I am cheering him on to join the team. Being keenly aware of the physical intensity […]

Oral Health Advice

Q: I saw the actor Michael Douglas talking about his throat cancer and oral sex. My husband and I have a very fulfilling physical relationship, but now I am worried. A: In your wildest dreams would you ever have associated Michael Douglas with anything other than – a father whose movie career spanned decades? A […]

WORD OF MOUTH Oral Health Advice

Dr. Lawrence Kessler and staff

We are always asked questions about oral health and improving your smile. There are many answers and certainly just as many (if not more) opinions from family and friends. We are going to guide you as much as possible, sharing our knowledge and expertise during your decision making process. As a Periodontist, we have a […]

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