Stories written by Dan Palmer

Wandering & Pondering The Professional

Why is it that when we think of a professional we automatically assume that the one we are thinking of is in the medical, accounting or lawyering field? To me that is a pretty bad mind set. The other night we were eating at a nice restaurant and the waitress served us in a manner […]

Wandering & Pondering Valerie at 50!

Ran into Valerie after all these years, quite an experience since she has some life. First of all she looks as alive as she was in her 30s. She is also still the far right symbol of conservatism where she is against any abortion, gay rights and whatever else you can come up with. She […]

Wandering & Pondering Feeling Well

Jane is a devoted sickey. You name a disease and she has had it or will have it in the near future. She is an 80-year-old, who according to her, has never been healthy in her entire life. She has outlived three husbands and countless lovers but to her there has never been a week […]

Wandering & Pondering Early Riser

They had been good friends for over a year. Could talk about everything without upsetting one another. All this time they actually avoided anything in the physical or bed-bit. They wanted to get to know each other before trying anything else. After about a year they decided that maybe it would be time to to […]

Wandering & Pondering-The Heart

Jerry was a good heart surgeon. As a result he was every mother’s dream for her daughter. But there was a problem. As a lover he was pretty bad. Trouble was he knew it, which didn’t help his self esteem. It didn’t matter to him when doing the act, he was satisfied but it was […]

Wandering & Pondering-Faithful

John wonders why anyone should be unfaithful. He is of the old school where a handshake is his word; yet has always felt that in a man–woman relationship it is important to see that faithfulness is the primary requisite. He likes to preach this especially when Mary is with him. He’ll come out with “here’s […]

Wandering & Pondering-Reborn

Wandering & PonderingDonna was an alcoholic who refused to acknowledge it. Finally some of her friends forced her to join AA. She went a few times and finally admitted that she was an alcoholic. Once she admitted it, it was easy to face what she should do to try to recover. She knew if she […]

Wandering & Pondering New Data

John grew up in the double standard which makes it tough to deal in today’s world. He is in the paint business selling to jobbers who in turn sell to wholesalers. He had never had trouble making his contacts because he could always bend the elbows with them, have a few drinks, kid about women. […]

Wandering & Pondering Meeting again

They ran right into each other in the office building, they stared. It had been just over 20 years since they last spoke. They had been so involved with each other but the parents, the so-called-friends had each gotten involved in advising them that it just wouldn’t work. Dozens of reasons why they had listened […]

Wandering & Pondering Age 39

It was her 39th birthday. “I’m going to enjoy this birthday because it’s going to be awhile before I admit to forty,” although she laughed and kidded about it, he was pretty sure she meant it. What was about a woman and the age of 40? Did 40 make her less attractive? Did it change […]

Wandering & Pondering Her John

Dan Palmer

He sat on the park bench or wondering how it could have happened. They had known each other for two years and he thought they were on a path to something good. He had been away for awhile and when he had returned he called her. When he told her it was John calling, she […]

Wandering & Pondering: Grandpa

Dan Palmer

A friend I’ve known for awhile just became a grandfather. He’s been walking around with a big smile on his face and naturally I complimented him on reaching grand fatherhood. The funny part of all this was he hadn’t quite act so overwhelmed as others I’ve known who become big on the pictures of this […]

The Facts

Dan Palmer

Al was married to Cindy for 14 years with two daughters aged 11 and 13. His job as a cosmetic rep had him on the road about two weeks of the month. As a result he had some extra activities going on. Unfortunately on one of them he ran into one of Cindy’s friends with […]

Wandering & Pondering

Dan Palmer

There’s a couple in their 30s, who are worried about the wife’s mother who had been widowed a few years ago. She isn’t acting the way they feel an oldish widow should act. As far as they are concerned she should have gotten into a small apartment gotten a hot plate to cook on and […]

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