Stories written by Christina Gordon

Celebrating ‘Our Fathers’ in Opa-locka

Albert Jones, Robert Harris, Marcel Louisaint and Haguenot Noel.

By Christina Gordon…. “Women make boys, but men make men,” stated the Honorable “Lady” Myra L. Taylor at the Third Annual Tribute to “Our Fathers,” hosted by the Opa-locka Mayor and City Commission at 11:00 AM on the second floor of the Municipal Complex building, 780 Fisherman Street, as they paid tribute to the “proud […]

Unity in the Community

Mayor Taylor gives a pep-talk to the Opa-locka Parks and Recreations Panthers and Hurricane football teams, as Opa-locka Police Chief Cheryl Cason lends support.

By Christina Gordon…. The Opa-locka Hurricanes (West side) and the Opa-locka Panthers (East side) met face to face, with the only competition in mind at that point was to be the team to recruit the most and the best players at the Annual “Unity in the Community” Football Registration and Fellowship Drive, sponsored by Mayor […]

Jamii Builders Graduates First Class from Pilot Construction Program


By Christina Gordon…. On Friday, July 15, 2011 at 12:00 Noon, 39 Opa-locka residents successfully graduated from the first class of the Jamii Builders Pilot Construction and Weatherization Program, a five-week training initiative which ensures career training and job placement to unemployed residents. Jamii Builders, a subsidiary of the Opa-locka Community Development Corporation (OLCDC) for […]



By Christina Gordon…. After requesting that everyone review a Base Map of the Nile Gardens Industrial Park, Mayor “Lady” Myra L. Taylor gave a slide presentation which contained photos of many of the most horrific code violations on or near properties belonging to some of the guests seated in the room, before she affirmed, “It […]

Opa-locka Parks & Recreation Department Planning Ahead

Parks Director Lorenzo Laidler, Jr. introduces some of the staff from the Parks and Recreation Department.

By Christina Gordon…. The City of Opa-locka Parks and Recreation Department, supported by the City Commission, sponsored a “Meet and Greet” on Saturday, April 2, 2011 from 1:00 to 4:00 PM at the newly renovated Segal Park, 2331 NW 143rd Street, to provide the community an opportunity to interact with the parks staff and Director […]

Opa-locka Branch of Miami-Dade County Library City Officials Read Aloud During National Library Week

City of Opa-locka Mayor “Lady” Myra L. Taylor with students and staff of Grace Academy School and the staff from the Opa-locka Branch of Miami Dade County Library, in celebration of National Library Week, April 10 – 16, 2011.

By Christina Gordon…. “The more you read, the more you know…,” a moral shared by City of Opalocka Mayor “Lady” Myra L. Taylor after reading aloud a collection of Aesop Fables and other short stories, to an assorted grade of intensely and attentively engrossed Grace Academy students, ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade, in celebration […]

‘Angels’ in Opa-locka: Action Caught on Camera

Commissioner Rose Tydus proudly boast about the City of Opa-locka to French filmmakers shooting a 30-minute documentary on the City.

By Christina Gordon…. ACT ONE – 28-year-old Gloria Morales was in full military combat gear, running through a round of simulated “friendly fire,” during the filming of the television pilot “Charlie’s Angels,” a Woodridge Production, Inc. in association with ABC Television, shot at the Villa Francine Town Homes, 132nd Street and 28th Ave, on March […]

Opa-locka Childhood Obesity Prevention Project Community Activated with More Than $160,000 in Grants


By Christina Gordon…. The City of Opa-locka hosted a Mini-Grant Award Ceremony on Tuesday, May 26, 2011 at 11:00 AM for the War on Poverty-Florida (WPF) Building A Healthy Community Childhood Obesity Prevention Project, sponsored by Commissioner Dorothy “Dottie” Johnson with the support of Mayor “Lady” Myra L. Taylor and the Opa-locka City Commission at […]

Move That Bus! Commission Officially Launches The Opa-locka Express Bus


By Christina Gordon…. At 10 AM, Friday, March 11, 2011, The City of Opa-locka Mayor and City Commission celebrated the official launching of the new OPA-LOCKA EXPRESS bus circulator Transportation service, during a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony under the pavilion, behind Historic City Hall, 777 Sharazad Blvd, Opa-locka, Florida. During the ceremony, Mayor Myra L. Taylor […]

Opa-locka Black History Festival

“Seniors on the Move” dressed in their Black History Month Attire, competed in during a Fashion Show at the African Heritage/Fish Fry Gospel and Blues Festival, Saturday, February 26, 2011.

By Christina Gordon…. The City of Opa-locka Mayor and Commission presented an African Heritage/Fish Fry Gospel and Blues Festival sponsored by the Youth Crime Prevention Program combined with the Park and Recreations Department on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 2:00 PM, on the west lawn of Historic City Hall, 777 Sharazad Boulevard, Opa-locka, Florida 33054, […]

Sidewalk repairs: Coming soon to your neighborhood

Mayor “Lady” Myra L. Taylor working Public Works Director Fritz Armand  to repair City sidewalks.

By Christina Gordon…. “We have to walk, before we can run” commented “Lady” Mayor Myra L. Taylor as she diligently labored with the Public Works Department, during their on-going Capital Improvement Program to repair sidewalks as a preventative measure for tripping hazards and to improve the quality of life throughout the City of Opa-locka. Mayor […]

Opa-locka Commissioner Tydus host ‘SOHL’ Rally

Commissioner Rose Tydus opens the Sanctity of Life Rally from the podium under the pavilion behind Historic City Hall, in the City of Opa-locka.

By Christina Gordon…. When comparing the abortion rate to the 911 disaster, where almost 4000 (people) were “killed by ‘evil doers,” Guest Speaker Pastor Eric Jones of Koinonia Worship Center stated, “a day later, on Sept 12, 2001 and everyday afterwards, another 4000 lives were lost, totaling over 51 million since the 1973 Rode vs. […]

Commissioner Gail E. Miller Makes Early ‘Wake-up’ Call S. Fl Rises for Live Broadcast of Annual Opa-locka MLK Walk


By Christina Gordon…. Reminiscent of the 1960s when Civil Right leaders would race sunrise to organize, before marching peacefully through cities in protest and support of citizen rights, on Saturday, January 15, 2011 at 5:30 AM, as a prelude to the official Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, Commissioner Gail E. Miller assembled colleagues, volunteer […]

‘The State of the City is Stable’ declared Mayor Myra Taylor


By Christina Gordon…. Subsequent to the red carpet introduction which rolled out her grand entrance, City of Opa-locka Mayor, The Honorable “Lady” Myra Taylor, affirmed, “…the City is stable,” during the State of the City Address, Friday, January 28, 2011 at 7:00 PM, under a 40 x 80, filled to capacity, tent where the crowd […]

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