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By Chief Fred Maas…. Every Thanksgiving Season for the past several years, I have written articles for our community newspaper. This year is no exception, but then, yes… it is an exception, because this year for me it is an EXCEPTIONAL story. It is about ONE remarkable human being who represents an entire GROUP of […]

Two Sunny Isles Beach Officers Join Ranks of Elite Response Task Force…

Pictured are (l-r) Chief Fred Maas, Captain Dwight Snyder, Officer Javier Estevez, Detective Luke Plesa,

By Chief Fred Maas…. “Physically Exhausting, Mentally Challenging And Stressful, But All Worth It In The End!” Those were the words and descriptions given by two (2) Sunny Isles Beach Police Officers who laid it all on the line while completing a grueling, competitive and stressful two week certification in Rapid Deployment Force Training. Detective […]

City Receives National Department of Defense Award for Support of Military Officers

Commissioners Isaac Aelion and George “Bud” Scholl, Michael Mills, Katherine and Tracey Maas, Chief Fred Maas, Officers Albert Porro and Melissa Porro, Mayor Norman S. Edelcup, Commissioner Jeanette Gatto, Vice Mayor Lewis J. Thaler

By Chief Fred Maas…. On Thursday, April 21, 2011, Mr. Michael Mills representing the National Committee for Employee Support of Guard and Reserve Officers presented a very special award to the City of Sunny Isles Beach for their continued support of military officers returning home from war. Why is this award so significant? Well, for […]

Officer Ridley Wins Parrillo Award! Detective Plesa Takes Home Borrell Award

Luke Plesa (left) receives Joe Borrell award

By Chief Fred Maas…. In front of their colleagues at a joint roll call on April 6, 2011, several members of the police department were presented the prestigious awards by the Public Safety and Advisory Council. These awards have become very special over the years as they are named for and sponsored by the families […]

1st Annual College Scholarships from City of SIB — ‘What a Start…’


By Fred Maas…. “What a start, what a night!” That was the general reaction and theme for the 1st annual, college scholarship awards program for the City of Sunny Isles Beach. In case you missed it, honored students and their families, dignitaries, supporters and friends all gathered at Christine Lee’s World Famous Restaurant at Gulfstream […]

She D.A.R.E.’s to be different…

#25 Chief Fred Maas

By Chief Fred Maas…. Officer Patty Gonzalez is completing her first year as School Liaison Officer (S.L.O.) for our SIB K-8 Community School. She is the D.A.R.E. (drug abuse resistance education) instructor for all the classes in the D.A.R.E. program. She has established a respect and rapport between the students and herself that is admirable. […]

‘Sunny Isles Beach Police Officers Win Several Prestigious Awards at the L.E.O. Awards Gala…’

Mr. and Mrs. James Agras with LEO winners Corporal Vesco and Corporal Porro, Sunny Isles Beach Police Department.

By Chief Fred Maas…. In front of the largest gathering of people to ever attend the Law Enforcement Officers Awards Gala, several Sunny Isles Beach Police Department officers won awards for superior achievement in their categories. More than 900 people attended the 11th Annual Gala ceremony at the Miami Beach Convention Center on March 5, […]

Mayor presents military honors to Sunny Isles Beach Police Officer


By Chief Fred Maas…. Returning from a full year of active-duty in the War in Iraq, was most likely a blessing in itself. Being presented military honors by your Mayor and Commissioners, was even more gratifying and rewarding for a job well done. That is what happened on Thursday, February 24th of this year at […]

A Soldier and An Officer… Welcome Back, Welcome Home!

Officer Albert Porro

By Chief Fred Maas…. During almost the very same week that I was so warmly greeted and received back into the family of City of Sunny Isles Beach employees, another officer and a soldier was being “welcomed home” to U.S. soil after his deployment in the Middle East. We are both coming home and back […]

Remembering Local Heroes and 9-11 Heroes A Memorial by the P.B.A.

Mayor Norman Edelcup of Sunny Isles Beach joined other public officials in recognizing the fallen officer of Miami-Dade County – the day before 9-11

By Chief Fred Maas…. “Give me another name for 172 Street at Collins Avenue,” I ask my new officers before they are released for solo duty on patrol. The answer is not as important as the purpose behind the question. I am quite sure they’ll have no problem finding 172 Street and Collins or Town […]

The Cabinet…

Chief Fred Maas with the Sunny Isles Beach Police Department

By Police Chief Fred Maas…. Over the past 12 years, this agency has received numerous awards and presentations for its police department. Usually, the presentation is made to the Chief on behalf of the department. Over the years, these symbols of recognition have ultimately collected in my office. It was then that I realized how […]

The Other Good Guys…

#05 lifeguards

By Chief Fred Maas…. I have always felt that most public servants have a quality about them that leads itself to a sense of giving to others and service to others. So many times in high profile events and incidents especially on the news, we see public servants and public figures and military personnel rush […]

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