Carlos Blanco

Long-term care insurance after divorce


The paperwork is filed. You’re divorced. Now starts the process of changing your life, which begins with ending the details that once defined your marriage. The usual suspects are tackled first — changing bank accounts, getting new credit cards and updating insurance documents. However, one detail remains completely untouched, not ...

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Considerations for saving a marriage


Nobody gets married thinking they are going to want a divorce later. Yet almost 50 percent of married couples end up considering a split and the rate of divorce has more than doubled in 40 years. But just because you’re thinking about it, doesn’t mean it’s inevitable. How can you ...

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Protect yourself in the aftermath of divorce

One of the biggest risks after divorce is doing nothing. As with many things in life, post-divorce procrastination can produce disastrous consequences. During the course of a long-term marriage many things were co-mingled and two lives were intertwined. Now, these two lives need to be separated. Post-divorce actions generally fall ...

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A personal story of divorce

Divorce in dictionary

Often the most moving and inspiring stories — and those that we learn the most from — are those told by the people living the experience. With this in mind, I set out to find a person of divorce willing to share details of the divorce experience. Janet (not her ...

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How to handle the emotional side of divorce


The Divorce Matters column regularly focuses on the “business” side of divorce. However, as we all know divorce is a highly emotional process. With this in mind, I sat down with Coral Gables psychologist Jerome Poliacoff to discuss the emotional aspects of divorce. DM: What are typical emotional and psychological ...

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