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O, Miami brings out the Magic City’s poets

O, what’s in a name? A poetry festival by any other name would recite just as lovingly, rhythmically, thoughtfully, profoundly, funkily, or – well, I think you get the message. O, Miami has been sweet. Whether you realize it or not, poetry is simmering on a front burner these days. Poem in Your Pocket Day […]

Don’t miss Miami Beach Soundscape Cinema series

Don’t miss Miami Beach Soundscape Cinema series

Obviously, I’m slipping, failing, negligent, remiss, slipshod, slapdash and haphazard; I failed to write about In the Heights which has been running at Coral Gables’ Miracle. Moreover, I also neglected to cover Fela at the Arsht. These are two shows I was lucky and wise enough to catch in NYC a few years ago, but […]

Esperanza Spalding’s cool electric bass comes to the Arsht, Apr. 19

ULTRA has come and gone, and though the tinnitus may still be keeping you company, it may be time to sit down and have a long talk with yourself. If I were you, I would light the fire, pull up a chair, don the slippers, brew the chamomile tea and spin a record on the […]

These are good times for Miami film-goers

These are good times for Miami film-goers

As I write this, I await the beginning of the 2013 Academy Awards telecast. I will forego the predictions, yet I have read all the predictions. I have seen The Life of Pi, Silver Linings Playbook and Les Misérables in places where UA, Regal and AMC rule, and salty popcorn, bathtub-sized soft drinks and GMO […]

Is the ‘death’ of Wynwood near?

Artists create a wall mural in Wynwood Art District during

For a while now, I have been thinking that the end is near. Since there is no such profession as an actual “future of the neighborhood” fact checker, the question remains — is the end of Wynwood near? Let’s say that a little perspective is in order. First, it is entirely fair dinkum to assume […]

What’s going on in February?

What’s going on in February?

I have become a better friend of Google than I want to be. I spent an hour or more trying unsuccessfully to find out what’s going on in the arts in Miami during February. So, I decided to compile my own list. No, I’m not dumb and consider myself computer literate. I visited all the […]

The Best of 2012 — according to me!

The Best of 2012 — according to me!

As our beloved Miami enters 2013 — 12/12/12 gone forever and the Mayan Calendar thing having fallen through — I have created a list that future historians and Googlers will be able to use to find out what happened in 2012 as they search for meaning in a life buried between habitual texts and tweets. […]

This is what I would have asked Talib Kweli…

There aren’t that many opportunities to use future perfect tense any more, but by the time you read this column, I will have seen Talib Kweli’s concert Live at the Knight at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami- Dade County. I had hoped that I might have the chance to interview […]

A definite beginner’s guide to Miami’s Art Basel 2012

Once again, Miami’s ultimate event is upon us – Art Basel! Sorry Super Bowl lovers and other deniers, but had Sinead O’Connor been sunbathing instead of Irish, she would have sung Nothing Compares 2 Basel. The primary and official venue for this event is the Miami Beach Convention Center. Public show days are Thursday, Dec. […]

Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts!


From Saturday, Nov. 24, until Saturday, Dec. 1, the Miami short Film Festival (they make the “s” in short lower case) will screen its latest entries in Miami. The festival was founded in 2002 by William Vela, who (with some friends) scraped together 17 movies and 50 chairs for an opening night. What happened was […]

Zak the Baker draws a crowd at Village Green Market


I owe some of my friends an apology. They have warned me that with the way that things have been going, I shouldn’t be surprised if people end up in bread lines again. I try to argue with them, reasoning that things will not deteriorate so badly, but alas, I must admit that they seem […]

‘Critical Mass’ gauges pulse of a city


The intersection of many of my favorites things occurs during the last Friday of the month’s Critical Mass. There may be no raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, but there are a few thousand people, a couple of hours of exercise, fleeting neighborhood visitations and a number of baddass bikes to accompany the newly […]

Gables Art Cinema has something ‘cool’ to offer

Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love leaves audiences howling with laughter.

  When it’s hot in Miami, the Arts take a back seat to things one can do inside a nice cozy air-conditioned s p a c e . With this in mind, I thought I’d skip the August art walks and, in order to fill my need for something creative, gave a shout out to […]

It’s summertime and the livin’ is (relatively) easy!


It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. Mosquitoes are bitin’, and the grasses are high. Your daddy’s rich (in some cases) and your kids are good looking (or so we like to tell our friends). So hush little suburban baby, don’t you cry. One of these mornings, you’re going to wake up on holiday, then […]

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